Tragic Car Accident Deaths in Alpharetta, Georgia

January 28, 2013

Alpharetta houses.jpgI am a lawyer who helps people with Alpharetta, Georgia, wrongful death car accident cases. I wanted to report on some data about fatal car accidents in Alpharetta, Georgia, A website called reports on the data, which they gather from various government sources.

Several streets in Alpharetta have had more than their expected percentage of the deaths from car accidents. By far the largest number of people were killed in car wrecks along U.S. 19/S.R. 400, although several people also died on North Pointe Parkway, SR 9, and Windward Parkway all saw multiple deaths.

The grim numbers are as follows:

In 2009, four people were killed in car accidents in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The website does not list any deaths from Alpharetta car wrecks in 2008. The year 2007, however, saw one person die in a car wreck in Alpharetta. In 2006, two people were killed in road wrecks in Alpharetta.

2005 was an especially tragic year, because six people were killed in Alpharetta car crashes in the year 2005. Two people also died in car crashes within the Alpharetta city limits in 2004.

Another 6 people were killed in three tragic car collisions in Alpharetta in 2003. Another 2 people died as a result of two Alpharetta car wrecks that occurred in 2002.

2001 saw another 2 people killed in car crashes in the city limits of Alpharetta. The situation was no better in 2000, when two people died in automobile wrecks in Alpharetta. A very tragic three people were killed in auto collisions inside Alpharetta's city limits in 1999. Four individuals died in auto wrecks in Alpharetta in 1998. Two people died in one terrible car collision inside Alpharetta's city limits in 1997.

The year 1996 was truly horrific. Seven people lost their lives in five horrible car accidents inside Alpharetta's city limits. One person died in an Alpharetta auto accident in 1995. In 1994, two people were killed on Alpharetta roads in tragic car wrecks. The year 1993 brought another fatality to Alpharetta, when one person died in an accident involving a drunk driver/DUI. In 1992, another person was killed in an auto collision within Alpharetta. During 1991, two more people died when automobiles collided on Alpharetta roads.

The site lists no deaths from car accidents in Alpharetta in 1989 or 1990, which could mean that no one was killed in a car wreck, or could mean that the information was simply not available to the website when they published their web page on the city of Alpharetta.

The year 1988 was particularly bad in that 5 people died in horrific fatal car wrecks in Alpharetta. In 1987, another person lost his life due to a car crash in Alpharetta.

The site lists no deaths in Alpharetta car crashes in 1986. 1985, however, saw another person die as a result of an automobile crash within the City of Alpharetta.

The website for has another inexplicable gap for the years 1981, 1982, 1983, and 1984. The data picks up in the year 1980, when one person died as a result of a crash involving a drunk driver on an Alpharetta roadway. 1979 saw another two people killed in auto collisions in Alpharetta. Unfortunately, both collisions involved drunk drivers. One more person lost his life in an Alpharetta car accident that occurred in 1978. In the year 1977, the site states that three people were killed in car wrecks in Alpharetta.

The numbers come out startling, but impersonal. One of the most important things to remember is that these "numbers" are about real people - the people who were killed in these wrecks and the families and friends that mourn and grieve those deaths even today.